About Gigaler

Gigaler.com was started by two internet entrepreneurs, Tom Brennan and Chris Grabow.  Their mission was to sift through all the insane amount of content uploaded to Youtube daily and provide you the user with the best of the best of media found on the internet.  Don’t try to wade through all the garbage out thereā€¦ let us do it and you can see the diamonds in the rough!

Gigaler has a unique angle on viral videos that are also called “Web Screamers,” which are terrifyingly scary videos!  Watch at your own risk!

“We know people don’t have loads of time, and they want to see content that is organized, whether it be funny videos, extreme videos, or even web screamers!  We provide that for you.” – Tom Brennan 2015.

NOTE: Gigaler.com has gone defunct as of 2017. There is still an ongoing search for the principals of the company who went missing in February 2016. Please do not forget them. We appreciate the support of our site. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Tom Brennan or Chris Grabow, please contact local authorities.