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Check out this Disturbing Video

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 10217 views 12 comments

Warning: Graphic Content… NSFW. Watch at your own risk.


  1. ellagrace33 says:

    This looks like that girl Tara Rogers who went missing…

  2. bingegamer says:

    This girl is hot! Wow!

  3. tylerdaniel says:

    That video scared the crap outta me! Holy cow!

  4. yoyokids44 says:

    SCARRRYYYY!!! Crazy!

  5. moviegal99 says:

    That made me spill my drink! WTF?

  6. connor65 says:

    I’ve never seen a video this scary!

  7. maxwellthehacker says:

    Thanks… I won’t be able to sleep now, lol.

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